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QShop Business Tips - How to write good product descriptions

Write Good product descriptions in just 5 steps

Good product descriptions are very essential. Have you been attracted to an appealing product on any website and wanted to purchase it? Then you checked the product description for more information about the product before buying it, and you weren’t impressed because the features listed weren’t good enough?

A product description refers to the text beside a product listed on a website. Product descriptions explain the features and benefits of your product to a customer. The objective of the product description is to supply the customer with adequate information to make them want to purchase your product immediately. Your product descriptions should be able to persuade them. An engaging product description can turn people into paying customers.

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The first step to writing product descriptions is to define your target audience. A good product description can persuade your customers to take action. However, most entrepreneurs only include information describing their products when writing product descriptions. How exactly do you convince a customer you are offering a solution to their problem? This usually results in higher bounce rates and lower sales.

The importance of product descriptions is also highlighted by their ability to help customers make well-informed buying decisions. The more creative and appealing the product description, the more likely customers will be enamoured with your brand.

Many entrepreneurs wonder what information to include in the product description to encourage potential customers to purchase. These tips might assist you in creating a compelling product description that sells:

1. Include Features and Benefits in your product descriptions

Including your product’s benefits is crucial to interest and engage your potential customer. They are not as interested in the mundane or boring facts about the product. Features are elements of your product, while Benefits are reasons those features matter to your customers or how that feature improves their lives. Features tell customers what, while benefits will tell customers why.

2. Make your product descriptions scannable

Remember to make your product description very easy to read. Use headlines and bullet points to buttress your words. This will allow customers to receive the information quickly to purchase immediately. Using bullet points gives you the perfect opportunity to use solid and actionable words. Most products are best described in three to seven bullet points. Some highly detailed ones may need more, but consider what’s most noteworthy. For instance, If you sell phones, endeavor to turn the specifications and product features into bullet points for an easy read.

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3. Connect emotionally to your target audience.

Having a vast target market can make it hard to narrow in on the kind of information your customer is the most interested in. Speak directly to your ideal customer. Your copy should focus on the customer’s emotions. Instead, discussing how your products will improve the customer’s life would be best. It should look like a conversation. Please write to your perfect customer like you are having a dialogue with them. 

Ask yourself questions such as:

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4. Include Unique Selling Point and Guarantee

Your Unique Selling Proposition or your USP is the one feature or benefit of your product that makes it outstanding from the other competitors. in the market. That very reason motivates a buyer to purchase that product even though it might be costlier than other products. 

A guarantee is an assurance from you that your product will work as described. If not, it will be repaired or replaced.

5. Spell Check your product descriptions

Make sure you read over your product descriptions to ensure no typos. You can use tools like Grammarly to avoid spelling mistakes. It’s free.

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