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Why Your Business Is Making Poor Sales On Social Media

Hi, business owners. Do you feel like you’ve been spending too much time on social media? You’re making lots of posts, communicating with your customers quite often, and doing all you think you can to achieve more sales. But something just isn’t working. Your sales numbers look like what they’ve always been in the past, and it feels like you’re not putting in enough effort.

So you ask yourself, what am I doing wrong? Why is social media not increasing my sales?

These might be some of the reasons your business is making poor sales on social media:

  1. Poorly designed website
  2. Inadequate market research
  3. Your followers are not your correct target audience
  4. Ignoring your DMs

Poorly designed website

The design of every business website should be attractive and easy to navigate for potential customers. If your website is easy to navigate, it will be able to keep customers interested in what you have to offer. On the other hand, if the website confuses your customers, they are most likely to find a different website that has a better design than yours. You can get a well-designed website at www.qshop.tech.

Inadequate market research

The lack of adequate market research is one of the critical problems, especially for new

businesses. It is easy for a business owner to get carried away when you have a business idea and want to set it up without testing its viability. Businesses need to know information about their target customers’ purchasing preferences to enable them to suit their needs. You must consider your audience or customers’ needs and do market research to test them.

Your followers are not your correct target audience

Marketing your business to everyone translates into wasting time, effort, and money. No matter how revolutionary your business is offering, not everyone will want to buy it. When starting a new business, the first important step is to set a clear target audience. If your current following is not engaging and purchasing your products, it shows they don’t need what you are offering and maybe follow you for different reasons. This indicates that you must widen your advertisement strategy to reach more potential customers.

Ignoring your DMs

When you think about it, one of the main communication channels people use daily is social media, and this has made the demand for customer service through social media platforms high. Customers now expect this to be the same for communicating with businesses. They have found that assistance through social media is immediate, convenient, and effective and will often engage with your content and message to ask any questions. Ignoring enquiries or messages in your DMs will lead to you losing several potential customers.


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