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Why e-commerce websites must have SSL certificate

You’ve probably heard about SSL certificates if you plan to launch an online store. SSL certificates are the first and most crucial step to proving your e-commerce website security. No consumer or customer feels safe on a website without an SSL certificate. 

With the daily recurring news of scammers’ fraudulent activities worldwide, people have become much more aware and cautious about entering their financial information, like their debit or credit cards, on a website they’ve never used before.

e-Commerce business owners have to comply with SSL security standards because SSL is the protocol that protects essential customer information, such as their debit card numbers and their login credentials.

As a matter of fact, Seeing that your site is secure improves customer trust. Browsers nowadays are quick to notify users of any website without an SSL certificate. This is a massive step for online security.

ssl certificate

Have we all visited any website in our lifetime and got this error?

We are sure you have.

What is SSL?

The Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is an encryption protocol that oversees server identification and authentication. Secure Sockets Layer also manages client authentication and encrypted transmission between computer servers and clients.

In simpler terms, SSL ensures that malicious third parties or hackers can’t thwart sensitive personal information from your website users and customers. Having an SSL certificate on your site tells website visitors and customers that your website is safe and secure for them.

How about the certificate?

Well, there is no physical certificate. Imagine if Certificate Authorities – the organizations trusted to verify the identity and legitimacy of any entity requesting a certificate had to send certificates across the world physically. That would be a logistical mess.

The certificate is a digital certificate issued online to website owners. It is issued at a fee, but you can get it free here.

How do I recognise these websites without SSL certificate?

If a website contains an SSL certificate, it begins with “HTTPS:” whereas websites that start with “HTTP:” do not have a certificate and therefore are not secure. SSL ensures internet connections remain secure and prevents cybercriminals and hackers from seeing, reading, or modifying sensitive information transferred between two systems. 

ssl certificate

Always look out for the padlock icon 🔒 next to the URL in the address bar. Having that padlock icon means SSL protects the website you are visiting.

If a website asks its users or visitors to sign in or enter personal details such as debit card numbers, it is necessary to keep the data confidential. SSL certificates help keep online exchanges private and assure users that your e-Commerce website is authentic and safe to share personal information with.

So stay safe and watch out for the 🔒 icon or ‘HTTPS.’


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