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After-sales tips to increase revenue

To run a thriving business, you must practice excellent customer relations in all steps of the business transaction, including after-sales. Going the extra mile is key to encouraging repeat sales and fostering customer retention. 

Valuing and being attentive to your customers can persuade customers to evangelise or promote your business, products, and services, which boosts your business’ visibility.

Take your time to captivate your current customers by providing unforgettable after-sales experiences. Remember that retaining a customer is cheaper than finding a new customer. According to Forbes, selling to a new customer costs 5 to 25 times more than selling to an existing customer.

After-sales services refer to all the support and care you show your valued customers after buying your product. Reports have demonstrated that after-sales service is often neglected by most business owners who are only concerned about selling and usually miss an excellent opportunity to turn customers into recurring customers.

Some simple after-sales tips to effectively follow up with a customer include:

1. Appreciate the customer

Some businesses appreciate their customers by sending thank you text messages, emails, or attaching a thank you note to their purchase. Whichever pattern you do, create an outstanding experience for your customers by always appreciating a customer after making a sale. Remember, your customer chose you out of a plethora of options.

customer appreciation

2. Ask for customer feedback

The goal of customer feedback is simple. Use the information and details provided by your customers about their experience with your product or service to gauge their level of satisfaction and help you understand where there is room for improvement. Always listen to the opinions and reviews of your customers.

The ideal time to ask your customers for feedback is usually between 3 days to a week after purchase. Check if they are happy with their purchase. Remember to ask if they have any questions about your product. Find out if they experienced any problems with their purchase.

after-sales feedback

3. Offer a discount on their next purchase.

Discounts do one thing incredibly well. Discounts attract new and repeat customers effectively. Who doesn’t love discounts? It’s the reason we all save up for Black Friday. We all love a good deal. Discounts function as a good trick to attract more people to your online store. Remember to add an expiry date to your discount offer to create urgency. Discount deals remain one of the most effective ways of engaging customers in after-sales by offering exclusive discounts and promotions.

after-sales discount

4. Ask for customer referrals.

Let us paint a scenario. You are trying to purchase a new sneaker your friend owns. Wouldn’t your first line of thought be asking your friend how the experience has been wearing that pair of sneakers? Word of mouth marketing remains the best type of marketing. When a recommendation comes from someone who has used your product or service, it has an extra layer of credibility and trust.

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Time to put these into action and boost sales to increase revenue. 

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