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3 types of emails you can send to your customers

One key to running a thriving business is finding innovative ways to entice customers and clients to do business with you. How do you do that? What are the best ways to get customers to visit your business? One answer to this is to send emails in a process called Email marketing. Email marketing is not a simple process. Various techniques, tactics, and methods are part of an overall plan and constantly evolving.

Email marketing is a direct marketing channel that lets businesses like yours share new products and services with customers on their contact list. Its high return on investment makes it crucial to most businesses’ overall inbound strategy. Emails helps you make your customers on your email list aware of new products, discounts, and other incentives and services.

Email marketing automation services handle most of the heavy lifting for you. A well-designed email marketing strategy drives sales and helps build a community around your brand.

Three major types of emails you can add to your business marketing strategy. These include:

  • Welcome emails
  • Newsletter emails
  • Post-Purchase emails

1. Welcome Emails

Once a potential customer joins your email subscribers’ list, you must send a welcome email. It means someone out there wants to know more about your product or service. Sending a welcome email to that prospect is an excellent way to introduce yourself. It will either educate the customer about your brand or allow them to learn more about your products which will help to build some familiarity. 

A welcome email is the first contact you make through the email channel, so you’ll likely be introducing yourself to your customer, explaining how your product will help them, and the benefits of being on your subscribers’ list.

welcome email
Welcome your customer

2. Newsletter Emails

All businesses should send newsletters to their customers to stay on top of their minds. An excellent way to use this marketing email is to send out new content from your blog or communicate general news about your company. This builds a fantastic touch-point with your subscribers as you nurture them down the sales funnel. 

Please keep it simple and be consistent with your format so your readers can get used to what to expect every time they open your email. Remember to include an eye-catching subject line to entice your reader. The best way to engage with your users once they sign up is to give them tips on making the most out of the product.


3. Post-purchase Emails

Have you ever made a purchase and did not receive a confirmation email in the next 2 minutes? Failing to send a post-purchase email makes your customers get nervous. No matter the size of the purchase, customers always want to know that their purchase has been confirmed.

Always send your customers a post-purchase or confirmation email once they’ve purchased. Keep the content of the email to a summary of the purchase, amount, and estimated shipping date. Good emails help you convert a customer to a sales rep.

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