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Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of answers to common questions.

This means your shipping rate was not copied over from v1, we apologize for this, you have to define your shipping areas again by going to Settings>Shipping Rate.
Please watch these videos on how to add shipping areas.

You can adjust this by heading over to settings > Pickup Points, then open the pickup point(s) you want to disable by clicking on the edit (pencil icon) and toggle off the ‘Disable pickup point’.

You can add, delete, update your products on the side menu, as well as your product tags which aids your customers in finding some products faster on your storefront, here is a video demonstrating how to add a product, and here for how to add variants to a product.

You can create discounts of various types in this menu, for particular product(s), tags, customer(s), you can now show a discount on your storefront as a banner for your customers to quickly take advantage of. Watch this video showing how to use it.

  • Buying a domain
    • Should you want to add some branding to your website by having your business name as your website name, we’ve ensured you can do that right from your dashboard without having to go to multiple websites.
  • Linking a domain
    • If you have an existing website/domain  name you want for your QStore, it’s possible from this menu as well. 
  • Unlinking a domain 
    • Should you want to remove a website/domain name from your store, you can at any point in time.

No, you don’t need to update anything on your device to use the new QStore, just simply head over to www.qshop.ng and log into your store.

  • No, it will not affect everything.
  • The only part of your store that might be affected are the shipping areas, for some stores, should some of your areas be missing, please head over to store settings > Shipping rates > Add Area, to add the missing areas. You can watch the videos below:

No, the new v2 upgrade does not affect subscription plan prices, they are still the same (although some new features are for paid plans).

  • The storefront has an entirely different design, look and feel.
  • You can now customize your storefront with any color and font of your choosing (Head over to Settings > Store front, and change your store theme, colors).
  • You can set the banners now, images you want your customers to see when they visit your store.
  • You now have 3 different theme options to choose from (Minimal, Trendy, Classic).
  • And a host of other customization you can explore in the storefront settings menu (Settings > Store Front).
  • You can now view orders your customers are trying to make before they make payment, so if they didn’t make the purchase, you could reach out to them yourself to complete the order. These orders would have the order status “Initiated”.
  • When creating an order, you can now add discounts, as well as let the customer receive email notification or not, so when you’re creating an order manually for record-keeping purposes; the customer won’t be notified.
  • You can now add more details to any product you’re creating such as; adding dimensions & weight of the product, brand name of the product.
  • You can easily switch between products that are visible on your storefront (published) and those that are not (draft/Archived).
  • You can set a product to display first on your storefront whenever buyers come to your storefront.
  • You can optionally set the cost price of a product if you want to see a report of the profit you generate from that product per time.
  • There are 3 different shipping options you can choose for any area you are setting for shipping now, flat rate, weight based, and confirm rate.
  • Flat rate shipping applies a flat rate you set to a particular area.
  • Weight-based shipping applies different rates depending on the weight range of the product.
  • Confirm rate allows you to define a shipping area without applying flat or weight-based shipping options to it. Your buyers will be able to place the order, but you’d have to update the order with a shipping rate afterward for your customer to pay.
  • You can optionally decide to receive orders form areas you did not define; this means you can still receive the order but decide if you want to fulfill it or not. afterwards
  • This lets you add assistants to help manage your store without having to give them your store login details.
  • You can give your assistants limited access to attend to orders and whatnot while you focus on other things as a store owner.
  • You can suspend or revoke an assistant’s access at any point in time.
  • You are only allowed to add two store assistants.
  • Sales
    • Here you can check how your store is performing by orders you received, revenue generated, profit (optional), your top selling products, and top buying customer(s).
  • Inventory
    • You can see how your products are performing stock-wise, you can have an overview of products that are low in stock, will be out of stock soon, those selling well as well as having an indication of how much time you have before you have to re-stock certain products.
  • Analytics
    • Now you can see not only the number of people who visited your storefront, how long they spent on it, but also what country they are from. This would help in making informed decisions about your customers and marketing efforts.
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